04.2021: Our 3rd prototype is there! We organized our biggest session with over 20 users, all over Switzerland. We involved our partners and end-users of all ages.


04.2021: SoundMap moves on to the last step of the Genilem process. One more step to go! It’s a rewarding experience, and we look forward to the final step.


03.2021: A new milestone for SoundMap! We just entered the Vanguard Program from the Digital Health Hub, in the Biopole of Lausanne. Along with coaching from industry leaders in the medical field, we also benefit from shared offices to host our team!


02.2021: Our 2nd prototype is there! We organized tests with 5 users to collect feedback and identify the most important points for the 2nd prototype.


02.2021: Our team was awarded the Initial Coaching of Venture Kick, worth 5’000 CHF! This is a unique opportunity to get training from experts of the swiss landscape and help us to reach the next steps.


02.2021: We’re thrilled to let you know that SoundMap has just passed the first round of Venture Kick. On top of a support of 10’000 CHF, we’re moving to the second round and are now given the chance to work closely with coaches and mentors. The journey is only getting started!


01.2021: SoundMap is now incorporated as a limited liability company in the canton of Vaud. This official step will let us move forward and prepare the next steps.


12.2020: After a 6 months process, SoundMap was part of the laureates of the Science2Market program from EPFL. We also won a residency at La Forge.


11.2020: The Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) from the Canton of Vaud with 100’000 CHF worth of findings! We also joined the big Innovaud family in a vibrant ecosystem of startups.


11.2020: Our 1st prototype is there! We organized tests with few users to collect feedback. We presented initial sketches of our device to our partners and created the device based on the fusion between state-of-the-art technologies we implemented and key requirements from users.


10.2020: SoundMap makes key partnerships with the hospital Jules Gonin, in Lausanne. End-users and world experts are helping us to create the best product possible.


10.2020: SoundMap makes key partnerships with the hospital the Swiss Federation for the Blind (SBV-FSA). We are developing together the next versions of our device.


09.2020: After a 10 days hackathon, SoundMap won the International Create Challenge (ICC). This contest rewards the most innovative AI project among a pool of highly competitive startups. We won both the AI Innovation award and the Health-Tech awards.